A rainy day at Place de Roubaix

A nice thing to do in Paris when it starts to rain is to take refuge in one of the many cafés and watch the rain from the second row of tables, just inside.

At Place de Roubaix I docked my Vélib’ bike at station 10029 on Rue de Dunkerque and had my choice of several cafés. I chose this one because the whole front was open so I could sit inside but still have a good view of the rain pounding down on the pavement. 

Another man on a Vélib’ bike riding past the café in the rain

This square is named after the city of Roubaix, which is in northern France right up by the Belgian border, between the cities of Lille and Tourcoing. I’ve never actually been to the city of Roubaix, but I once went through on the train (on a rainy day), on my way from Brussels to Lille.

“Roubaix” rhymes with “rainy day”. (Sort of.)

Riding past the café in the rain

Strangely enough, I only saw men and boys riding around in the rain, but no women or girls. Perhaps they have more sense than we do?

Heavy rainfall on Place de Roubaix

Vélib’ 10029, 10033 and 10028
GPS 48°52’48.77″ North;  2°21’8.28″E East

My photos in this post are from 2011. I revised the text in 2017.

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