Chinese New Year in Paris

In Paris as in many other places throughout the world, the Chinese celebrate their New Year for fifteen days starting with the first new moon of the calendar year. Young people with cymbals and dragon costumes go through the streets of Paris and visit all the shops that have Chinese owners or managers.

Chinese New Year on Rue Réaumur

Setting up a table for the visitors

I took these photos on Rue Réaumur in the third arrondissement of Paris on the eighth day of the celebration to welcome in l’Année du Cheval, the Year of the Horse, in February 2014. And I am posting them on the first day of l’Année du Chien, the Year of the Dog, in February 2018.

Chinese New Year in Paris

See my post Saigon 1965 for the Vietnamese Têt holiday to celebrate the beginning of l’Année du Serpent, the Year of the Snake, which is called Năm của rắn in Vietnamese.

The names of the years are mostly the same in Vietnam as in China, except that the Chinese Year of the Ox (2009, for example, or 2021) is the Vietnamese Year of the Buffalo, and the Chinese Year of the Rabbit (for instance 2011 or 2023) is the Vietnamese Year of the Cat. Both China and Vietnam have twelve animals in their Zodiacs, so the names of the years are repeated every twelve years.

My photos in this post are from the Year of the Horse.
I revised the text in the Year of the Rooster and am posting it in the Year of the Dog.

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