Dancing by the Seine

On the left bank of the Seine at Quai Saint-Bernard between the Sully and Austerlitz bridges there is a park named after the Corsican singer and movie star Tino Rossi (1907-1983).

Unlike most Paris parks, which close at sunset, this one stays open all night and has developed into a tremendously popular venue for open-air dancing by the riverside.

It’s all free and spontaneous. Somebody brings a CD-player for the music, and anyone is welcome to join in. There are usually two or three different kinds of dancing going on in different parts of the park, the most active being the tango group. They give tango lessons in the early evening, and then all dance until late into the night.

Tango by the Seine

Understandably, the best tango dancers tend to be older Latin American couples, but people of all ages and all nationalities come to dance here.

A younger dancing group

In a different part of the park, near the Institute of the Arab World, there is an area where mainly young people come to dance. (Not the tango, in this case.)

Jardin Tino Rossi, Quai Saint-Bernard, 75005 Paris
48°50’52.56″ North; 2°21’38.03″ East

My photos in this post are from 2007. I revised the text in 2019.

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4 thoughts on “Dancing by the Seine”

  1. Ditto, I’ve been there in the daytime but never seen the dancing at night. We did finally see the dancing Sunday afternoons at the foot of rue Mouffetard in Square Saint-Medard. It was a mixture of older local folk and a few tourists. They did have live music which was fun. Interestingly, the local folks weren’t necessarily couples but the did all seem to know each other. I think they’re just people who enjoy dancing and get together on Sundays for a bit of fun. The world could use more of that.

  2. I’ve been to the park in the day time also but never knew about the dancing in the evening. That is such a wonderful idea. Anything happening along the Seine fascinates me.


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