Get me out of here!

This is a clever political poster that I saw back in 2011 in Bruchenbrücken, a village that now belongs to Friedberg even though it is actually six kilometers south of the city.

In this poster, the guy in the car is stuck in a traffic jam and is holding a sign reading “Get me out of here!” The text below says: “Time for more buses and trains. Time for green.”

For those who didn’t get the joke I should explain that one of the trashy commercial television channels in Germany used to have a series called “I’m a star, get me out of here!” (based on a similar series in the UK).

In this series, so-called stars (better known in Germany as “C-Promis” meaning Grade C celebrities that hardly anyone has ever heard of) are put in a jungle camp and have to do unpleasant things and get on each other’s nerves until the viewers vote to let some of them out. The voting is in the form of telephone calls and text messages, both of which are lucrative for the private television company.

The Greens did very well, by the way, in the local 2021 elections. In Friedberg they got 25.0 % of the votes in the city council election, which is 10 % more they had five years before. So they now have the second largest delegation in the city parliament, behind the Christian Democrats (CDU) but ahead of the Social Democrats (SPD).

My photo in this post is from 2011. I revised the text in 2021.

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2 thoughts on “Get me out of here!”

  1. Sounds like reality show purgatory. Kind of like survivor only without the interesting parts.

    At first I thought the sign was similar to signs we used to see that said “If you lived here, you would be home by now”

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