High-speed TGV trains from Metz to Paris

Currently there are about ten TGV trains per day going from Metz to Paris (and the same number from Paris to Metz) via the new high-speed railway line TGV-Est — provided there are no strikes in progress and the country isn’t shut down because of an acute pandemic, as in the spring of 2020.

Most of these connections are non-stop, and the journey takes not quite an hour and a half. The top speed on this new line is 320 kilometers per hour, which is nearly 199 miles per hour. (I love the way the French say kilomètres par heure, all strung together: kilomètrerheure.)

Before 2007, when the new TGV line was inaugurated, there were already several non-stop trains each day between Metz and Paris, but these were conventional EuroCity trains running on conventional tracks, and they took nearly three hours to get to Paris, which is twice as long as it takes on the current TGV trains.
(TGV = train à grand vitesse, which means ‘train of great speed’.)

In the TGV bar car between Metz and Paris

Refreshments are available in the TGV bar car, but there is no dining car — which is understandable in this case because the journey is so quick.

One of the TGV trains at the station Paris-Est

My photos in this post are from 2008. I revised the text in 2023.

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9 thoughts on “High-speed TGV trains from Metz to Paris”

  1. Love the TGV . . . but the slower trains are nice if you have the time. Sure wish we had such efficient trains here!

  2. That’s one fast train. Not even been on an ICE here in so long. I’m always on the slow train to Franconia is seems.

  3. France can be proud of its fantastic TGV – distances normally flown by plane in other countries can be easily travelled by train. 700 km from Paris to Marseille in less than 3 hours, or even better: 600km from Paris to Bordeaux in 2 hours – it makes me speechless (coming from Germany, where travelling by trains is two times slowlier…)

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