Jolly statues in Koblenz

These two statues show a jolly market woman talking to a jolly police constable in some jolly earlier century of Koblenz’s history. Below the statues there is a plaque with a jolly verse in the local dialect, saying that the market woman is complaining to the constable about a neighbor woman whose dog has peed on her husband.

These statues are located on the Münzplatz (Coin Square), which is where the mint used to be, back in the days when Koblenz was allowed to mint its own coins for this region.

Koblenzer Schängel on a manhole cover

Speaking of jolly local traditions, the manhole covers in the Old Town all show a mischievous young boy called the “Koblenzer Schängel” who was, like so many, a child of a Koblenz mother and a French father during the times when a French army occupied this area (1794-1813). Sometimes all the inhabitants of Koblenz are referred to as “Schängel”, though that is no doubt an exaggeration. “Koblenzer Schängel” is also the name of a free weekly newspaper that has been published in Koblenz since 1964.

Paintings in Paradis

These paintings, dated 1911, are in a street called Paradies which leads from the Burgstraße to Münzplatz in Koblenz.

Marktstraße, near Münzplatz in Koblenz

My photos in this post are from 2006. I revised the text in 2023.

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  1. I liked the term jolly also. It’s a happy word, very useful in times like these. These are very fun sculptures. Thanks for posting.

  2. A trip down memory lane for me as I loved exploring Koblenz when Ingrid hosted a post-meet there after the Aachen VT meet. I remember those statues but not the Paintings in Paradis – I think I must have missed those, unfortunately.

  3. Hi Nemorino, We also love street/public art. I like your use of the word “jolly”, not one that we hear much these days!

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