Main Valley Tour: Gemünden

Gemünden is a town of some ten thousand people, located 42 kilometers downstream from Würzburg on the Main Valley Bicycle Route. Two smaller rivers, the Sinn and the Fränkische Saale, flow into the Main at Gemünden.

I have cycled through Gemünden three times so far, once along the Main River from Würzburg and the other two times through the Spessart hills and down the Sinn Valley, by way of Jossa, Burgsinn and Reineck.

InterCityExpress (ICE) train on the Nantenbach Curve

Six and a half kilometers downstream from Gemünden is a railway bridge called the Nantenbach Curve, connecting the old Main-Spessart railway line, which has been in use since 1854, to the high-speed north-south ICE line that was inaugurated in 1991.

The InterCity Express train on the bridge has just come from Frankfurt and Aschaffenburg. After crossing the curving bridge, it will continue through several curving tunnels and join the new line from Hannover to Würzburg.

The Nantenbach Curve was opened in May 1994. It cost 410 million Marks at the time (about 210 million Euros) and speeds up the journey from Frankfurt to Würzburg by twelve minutes. The river barge going up the Main River in my photo will also get to Würzburg eventually, following various bends in the river.

Signs on the Main Valley Bicycle Route

These signs near the Nantenbach Curve point upstream to Gemünden and downstream to Lohr, the next town on the Main Valley Bicycle Route.

My photos in this post are from 2004. I revised the text in 2022.

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