Mozart in Cremona

The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) arrived in Cremona on January 20, 1770, a week before his fourteenth birthday.

He was traveling with his father, Leopold Mozart, and they were on their way from Salzburg to Milan, where Wolfgang in the next two years would compose three operas for the “Regio Ducal Teatro”, which was Milan’s opera house at the time.


In Cremona they checked in for one night at an inn called “Colombina” and in the evening they went to the Teatro Nazari, a forerunner of the present-day Teatro Ponchielli, and saw a performance of one of the many operas called “La Clemenza di Tito” — but not Mozart’s own version, of course, because he didn’t compose his opera of that name until shortly before his death twenty-one years later.

See also: Mozart in Milan.

Mozart spent about a third of his life on the road.
His travels are documented on the website

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  1. Notes de voyage de Leopold pour Crémone :
    Primo Violino Sgr: Spagnoletto. Sgr: Cicogniani Musico contre alto. Sgr: Mosca giovine Soprano musico. Sgr: Ferrari Violoncello. Sgr: Abbate Don Arighi Maestro.

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