Oceanus, Bad Vilbel 2010

Akut, Case and Hera said they got the idea for Oceanus, the bearded giant with a wise expression, from a reconstructed Roman mosaic that is now on display in the Kurpark in Bad Vilbel. They said the girl in the painting is a kind of pupil who is receiving the giant’s admonition on behalf of all of us, reminding us to take care of the oceans and our environment and climate: “Protect what nature has given you.”

“As soon as people knew how to write, they told the world: I was here!”

This is the motto of the fourth section of the viaduct that Akut, Case and Hera painted in Bad Vilbel in 2011.

“Don’t stop it! Teach it.”

As always, this was very much a public performance. It was a part of a festival called “Bad Vilbel neu erleben” (roughly: Experience Bad Vilbel in a new way).

A writing octopus

This part of the wall includes a graffiti-making octopus, with multiple arms and hands all holding pens and writing on walls. One of the arms is signing (with a fountain pen): ““Bad Vilbel 2011, akut, case, hera.”

One of the many arms with a pen and pencil

As I have mentioned before, the pictures on this wall are no longer visible (and perhaps no longer exist) because the railway line is being expanded from two tracks to four, so the whole line from Frankfurt to Bad Vilbel has been a construction site for several years now.

My photos in this post are from 2013. I revised the text in 2023.

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