Public passageways in Station F

Station F in Paris is 310 meters long (slightly over 1000 feet), and is divided into three sections: the SHARE zone, the CREATE zone and the CHILL zone. Between the zones, there are two public passageways, Passage Louise and Passage Antoine, connecting Rue Eugène Freyssinet on the south side of the building, with Rue Ada Lovelace on the north side.

As for the names of the passageways, I don’t know who Louise and Antoine are. So if you know, please tell me in the comments below.

The SHARE zone is where 600+ events are held each year, including some that are open to the public. Access is via the Front Desk aka Welcome Desk or accueil, on Parvis Alan Turing.

The largest zone is the CREATE zone, in the middle, which provides working space, services and mentoring for about a thousand start-up companies. This zone is not open to the public, not even on guided tours, except for those who are invited in strictly limited numbers by the startups themselves.

The CHILL zone, at the back of the building, consists entirely of the huge restaurant Le Felicità and is open to everyone 24/7, as far as I can tell.

Passage Louise

This sign in Passage Louise reads, in English and French:

Open to the public: Monday-Friday: 7AM-9PM.
Visitors: please book your tour:
Visit Station F in virtual reality.
Front desk opening hours: 8AM to 8PM.
Past opening hours, residents can access Station F via Passage Louise.
Warning: you are being filmed, smile 🙂
No smoking or vaping, thanks!

Directions for going north

These directions in English and French, pointing north, are painted on a glass wall in one of the passageways. I have added links to my blog posts about some of the places mentioned.

This direction we can take the Metro Bibliothèque line 14 or the RER C. Also go watch a movie at the MK2 cinema, read a book at the BNF library or grab a drink on the banks of the Seine.  And if we continue straight on we can cross to the 12th arrondissement, go up to the Baltic Sea, reach the North Pole to admire white bears and even take a space ship to Mars.

My photos and text in this post are from 2023.

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