The Poker Game

In 2008 two groups of street artists, maclaim and herakut, were commissioned to paint the first section of a railway viaduct on Kasseler Straße in Bad Vilbel. There was a bit of overlap here, because Akut (Falk Lehman) was a member of both groups.

In “The Poker Game” there are three players, one with an animal’s skull on his head, one with a chicken’s head as a hat and one with an egg for a head.

Egghead has noticed that he/she is being cheated and threatens the others with a finger, saying “Be glad I cannot defend myself.”

Skullhead with an ace in his belt

A regional train on the tracks above the poker game

Our Water, 2009

Akut, Case and Hera returned to Bad Vilbel in 2009 to paint a second section of the railroad viaduct on Kasseler Straße. They called this one “Our Water.” It features two goldfish bowls, one with a perplexed looking goldfish and one with a mermaid. The two child-like creatures in wetsuits seem to be scientists, adding water from bottles and taking notes.

The text means: “And then it became clear to us that there was something very special in our water.”

In Bad Vilbel there are several bottling plants for mineral water, so this might be some sort of advertising for the city’s main product — though actually I wouldn’t want to have either a goldfish or a mermaid in my drinking water.

Girl with a watering can

As of 2023, these pictures are no longer visible (and perhaps no longer exist) because the railway line is being expanded from two tracks to four, so the whole line from Frankfurt to Bad Vilbel has been a construction site for several years.

My photos in this post are from 2013. I revised the text in 2023.

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  1. “though actually I wouldn’t want to have either a goldfish or a mermaid in my drinking water.” I laughed aloud in delight at this. Agree–and, of course, appreciate the broader post!

  2. Interesting and thanks for the pictures. I might just possibly have seen them earlier as I have travelled in Germany quite a lot since 1961 after my first year at Oxford – when my mum’s first cousin Tim Swayne (who was a Judge on the International Restitution Court) took me to Bayreuth and Salzburg for the first time (and I stayed a few weeks with him in Herford).

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