To and from Maintenon by train

Trains to Maintenon leave the station Paris-Montparnasse about once an hour, but not always on the same minute. The journey takes between 50 and 55 minutes, with stops in Versailles-Chantiers, Rambouillet and Epernon. After leaving Maintenon, the trains go on to Chartres.

In 2014 I paid € 9.70 for a one-way senior ticket departing in the “blue period” (départ en bleu). The French railway system SNCF differentiates between the “white period”, meaning the morning and evening rush hours, and the “blue period”, meaning the rest of the day and all day Saturday. Tickets for departures in the white period are somewhat more expensive.

Train arriving from Chartres


This train has just arrived from Paris.


Ticket machine

 This machine claims to be “simple and rapid” if you want to buy any train ticket without a seat reservation. I did indeed find it simple and rapid as I needed a ticket from Maintenon to Paris with about one minute to spare before the train arrived. After buying the ticket you have to “compost” it in the small yellow machine, which validates it for immediate use and invalidates it for any future use.

In the train

In the TER train (=Transport express régional) on the line from Paris-Montparnasse to Chartres via Maintenon.

My photos in this post are from 2014. I revised the text in 2017.

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4 thoughts on “To and from Maintenon by train”

  1. Thanks for the suggestion to visit Maintenon. I *may have* booked another trip to Paris, and *might* be there in a month. (My third visit in a year – insert squealing!). I’m very interested in visiting the Chateau and wonder how difficult it is to navigate to once arrived into the train station? Both Fontainebleau and Chantilly are decent walks. Would it be a similar situation here? Thanks in advance!

      1. Thank you. I was thinking I might do the regular “shorter” walk in one direction, and the longer aqueduct walk in the other. I’ll be by myself, jetlagged, and just worry I’ll get lost.

        1. That’s what I did, took the longer walk on the way to the château and the direct route on the way back so I wouldn’t miss my train. The town of Maintenon is quite small, so even if you did get lost you would wind up back at the château in a few minutes.

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