To Bad Hersfeld by train

If your bicycle has a flat tire or something you could always take a train to Bad Hersfeld.

Every second InterCityExpress (ICE) stops in Bad Hersfeld, so there is an ICE connection every two hours, which makes for eight or nine ICEs per day in each direction. There are also numerous regional trains and regional expresses to places like Fulda, Kassel and Bebra.

I have often gone through Bad Hersfeld on the train, for instance on my trips to Eisenach, Erfurt, Leipzig and Dresden, but have never gotten on or off the train here.

Station improvements 2005

When I was in Bad Hersfeld in the summer of 2005 they were busy upgrading the station, which included putting in new roofs over the platforms, and finally putting in elevators (‘lifts’ to you).

The station building in Bad Hersfeld

As of March 2021, the trains are still running on the same schedule as in previous years, and with the same number of cars (aka ‘carriages’) per train, but because of the coronavirus pandemic there are very few passengers.

My photos in this post are from 2005. I revised the text in 2021.

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