Trains to Weikersheim

The Tauber Valley is served by a single-track non-electrified railway line. Aside from local trains there are Regional Express trains from Aschaffenburg several times a day, and also a few from Würzburg.

Train passing through Edelfingen in 2004

The end of the line for passenger trains is Crailsheim, 50 kilometers further south, where there are connections to the InterCity line from Karlsruhe to Nürnberg. 

Weikersheim station

The Weikersheim train station is just a short walk from the Market Square and the palace, where the open-air opera performances are held in the odd-numbered years.

Train in Weikersheim station 2019

As of 2019, there are three guest rooms right in the station building. I booked one of these rooms through and was very satisfied, since I had hardly any distance to walk with my luggage, just around to the other side of the building and up a flight of stairs. For the three rooms there is also a kitchen for the use of the guests, with tea and coffee making facilities and a microwave oven.

Train and people at Weikersheim station

The guest rooms are run by a woman who makes hand-crafted jewelry in an atelier on the ground floor of the station building. (Her telephone number is +49 7934 2599898.)

There are no night trains on this line, so the rooms are quiet. The first morning train I heard was shortly after seven o’clock, but there might have been an earlier one that I just slept through.

Bicycle coach (Fahrradwagen) as seen from my window

Since the Tauber Valley is a popular cycling region, the newer trains have large bicycle coaches, but they still can’t guarantee that there will be enough room for everybody, especially if large groups of cyclists turn up and all want to get on the same train.

My photos in this post are from 2004 and 2019. I revised the text in 2019.

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